Een multinational | SOCIAL CHAOS | 110 personen | 18 september 2015 | International Teambuilding Amsterdam

Looking for an fun activity for a team event where everyone can participate can be tough, especially when you need to entertain en group of 110 people. However soon we came across NEVERREST and the Social Chaos Game seemed to be the perfect fit for our event. As we were looking for an afternoon event.. We had a slot of 4 hours to do something fun, meeting and brainstorming with NEVERREST was fun and really seemed to be a great fit for what we had in mind. Couple of days before the event they send out some teasers and made everyone here curious and excited about what was coming or going to happen. Feedback, only positive! NEVERREST was well organized and knew what they were doing. Teambuilding Amsterdam. We can strongly recommend this to anyone.. the perfect fit even if you have a big group like us. 110 people in total!

We give 5 stars!!

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